Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stereo Summary

Wow, did I get lucky! After pricing out their basic Pioneer speakers and deck, the bill was already at $700 plus including installation. I know I paid many thousand for our surround sound system at home but I couldn't get my car's age out of my mind. Plus I had set a mental limit of $300 for today's appointment...

In the end, there was only a loose plug and once plugged, voila, I had sound again. I had to forced them to take some money for their time as they didn't want to charge me anything. Would I use them should I wish to upgrade my system in the future? Absolutely.

In fact, after spending time today learning about the choices out there, I am kinda hooked and I think I will put a stereo upgrade on my list of dream account wishes for the future. I want to give them my business because they were so honest and kind. What a great experience today! It is hard to put into words just how relieved and grateful I felt, not having to spend any serious money.

It was a gorgeous day today with everyone out in shorts and T-shirts. As I was driving by, I could not help but notice the number of teenagers drinking coffee. I don't know about you, but I never even tasted coffee until I was in university and even then, it wasn't until exam time and I gave up on it pretty quick because I couldn't sleep well for 2 - 3 days after having a cup.

I don't believe that starting young with stimulants is such a great thing. I've also never tasted stuff like Red Bull or others of the like and don't plan to. Our nervous system and adrenals can get worn out when exposed to chemicals like this over time. I also think it can help age us. I got enough of a high today without caffeine.


  1. Great news. I'm glad it worked out w/o having to spend much money!

    I've also observed that kids do drink coffee in high school. I didn't begin drinking it until college but even then, I don't drink it often 'cause I prefer green tea.

    The sky has finally cleared here in Jersey. Today is warm and sunny! Good weather always makes me feel happier. My dog is happy today as well - she's running around outside as I type. =)

  2. Thank Sandra! Hope you enjoyed some time outside!