Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Investments & Commitments

I've been fairly satisfied with my accounts with ING. A newer player on the scene is Ally and I am considering opening an account with them to try them out. Feedback I've read have been positive.

By the end of Sept. I ought to have my yearly $5000 towards my tax free savings account saved up and this is what I'll put towards my new Ally account.

My end of summer getaway to New England has firmed up, courtesy of credit card points and dream account. I'm going to get to noise around Boston, Bar Harbour and Portland ME for a few days.

I arrived at work yesterday to my first issue of Iceland Review! The photos of the volcano eruption were something. As a new subscriber, I got a mini hardcover book on Puffins. They are really cute. I'd like to go back at a time they are there.

Today I am biting the bullet and bringing my car to our local car audio place. Last fall, when I had inquired about not having sound in my front drivers' side speaker, I got intimidated by their description of having to take apart my dash to get to things. Plus D had just gotten steering column work done on his old car and ended up losing his cruise control...

Don't laugh but there is a 3 movie marathon this weekend at the drive in by the cottage and I want sound...Ironman isn't going to cut it for me with partial sound.

On a philosophical level, I believe my ability to make this move represents my commitment to my car for the remainder of its years. I've been doing a lot of that lately -- with our location, our house, with turning down a job opportunity overseas.

I'm heading in early to pick out a new deck and speakers just in case either or both need to be replaced. It could be as simple as faulty wiring. They tell me it will all be done in a few hours. I have a long lunch meeting so the timing ought to be good.


  1. I've hesitated to invest with Ally since they are not covered by CDC (Resmor is). When Scotiabank bought up several trust companies they kept half of them named and covered by CDC -- I don't think they would have if it wasn't necessary.

  2. Did you eat any puffins when you went to Iceland? I hear it's delicious; at least taste like chicken.

    Ironman was great! Loved both 1st and 2nd movies.

  3. That's great that your credit card points have gotten you that trip. Enjoy New England!

  4. Hi Anonymous!

    Can you tell me if I am thinking of what you mean by CDC or is that different from CDIC? It is definitely an important thing to consider! Thank you for bringing that up.

    Hi Sandra!

    I'm not sure I could eat Puffins as they are so cute but I know Icelanders do eat them and other birds like the Ptarmigan (and bird's eggs) they have on the island.

    Also, the puffins hadn't migrated back yet when I was there so I didn't see it offered on dinner menus -- only on tapas menus. However, there were a lot of menus with whale meat. There is a lot of political pressure against whaling there.

    Thanks Marissa! It's nice to get something for free, especially travel stuff!

  5. "Bar Harbor". We here in the US have done our best to weed out superfluous U's in our spelling whenever possible. :)

    I hope your trip to New England is a great one. If you have any extra time in the itinerary, I highly recommend the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Assuming you like the outdoors and all...

  6. Sorry -- I meant Canada Deposit Corp. Ally is NOT listed.

  7. Hi Anonymous!

    I think I get it now. So Resmor being on the list is not good enough even though Ally's ad about it seems to make it sound like they are too...

    Thanks again for the tip!

  8. @ Executioner;

    Ahh... the U's...Harbour, colour, parlour... I'm surprised my spell check didn't catch that!

    I'm really looking forward to this one as I've never been to Maine.

    It has probably been 18 yrs since I drove along #3 enroute to Boston.

    Even after so many years, the breathtaking scenary is still there in my mind. I even remember listening to Stevie Nicks on cassette!