Friday, May 21, 2010

You Win Some

Even though it has happened before, it still bugs me when I find out flight prices have gone down when I had booked it not long ago. The same goes for computer prices, car prices etc.

The list is never ending. So this time, I find out I could have saved $162 on my trip out east had I held off til this week... oh well, you win some you lose some. I still get to go, so that's a win.

My car's rear brake job and exhaust appointment is today. Hoping the bill will be under $400. My travel clinic appointment is in a couple of weeks. Estimated bill from there is in the $200 range.

This category of health care is not covered by our country's universal health care program. The expiry dates on Yellow fever and Typhoid shots are 10 yrs and 3 yrs so it is a good investment towards your health, especially for someone like me who attracts mosquitoes like nobody's business!

On a fun note, I've been shopping around for stereo components online and have found it is significantly cheaper (40%) to buy it from the States and have it shipped over for installation. This finding just might do it for me... I could get what I want and have it installed for the price of parts only here.

This is a long weekend for us Canadians so have great weekend everyone -- back on Tuesday!


  1. Regarding the mosquitos, your affliction is perhaps a drawback to the middle way. According to the following article from the WSJ, people who are stressed out apparently produce certain chemicals that repel mosquitoes! (I, too, am unfortunately a mosquito magnet.)

  2. I've always been a mosquito magnet. Maybe I should stress out a little every time I go outside... but no, I couldn't. Sunshine makes me happy!

    I didn't know stereo components are cheaper here than in Canada. Good to know.

    I booked our hotel at D.C. with Orbitz. They say that they have a policy where you'll get a refund (for the difference) if the price goes down.

  3. Hi Middleway
    Just wanted to say thank you for that nice comment you posted on your blog about my race results at the Worlds in Brive. Just got back very late around 1:30am I don't know how you do all that traveling as I'm exhausted from one little trip to France :)

  4. Hi S.B.!

    Oh no! I think I'll just use more bug spray or more nail polish!

    Thanks for the article!

    Hi Sandra!

    The company I've found is called
    They seem to be really good.

    Thanks for pointing out Orbitz! I'm going to see for next time.

    Hi Sue!

    Welcome home! Hope your flights were without delay!

    I don't know if I'd call your trip little! You weren't exactly just sitting around eating pastries and drinking coffee and wine...

    Can't wait to hear your summaries!