Thursday, May 27, 2010

Early Sales

You know how they say opportunity favors preparedness? I'm finding it applying more and more with respect to airfare sales. Our flights we like to take out west for Christmas are on sale already. Three years ago, we didn't see them on sale until the fall. Last couple of years it had been end of summer. Now spring.

Our flight costs are saved in a yearly expense account which also includes funds for the ski condo insurance and property tax and season passes. I do my best to have that account funded by April of each year so we are prepared for whatever comes up.

Good thing because this year, D has already bought his season's pass (I'm going a la carte again) to save on the new tax that is coming in July, and now the plane tickets. We will only buy one way as the Jan routes have not been put on sale yet. We wait for it and end up coming home after New Years and when school has started up again.

Prior to 3 years ago, I'd be working our spreadsheet on an as needed basis and this caused a lot more stress and work because I'd hear of a seat sale and then end up re-arranging numbers to make it work last minute. Saving in advance is much easier especially when you know you are going to be spending it anyways. Sounds simple right?


  1. Absolutely! One can never be too prepared, especially when it comes to money. I set aside money for vacation as well - sometimes we'll use it all, sometimes we'll use only a fraction of it, and sometimes we'll do let it accumulate and do a bigger trip later on.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    I am learning the benefits of having money there early. Much less stress that way -- less reactive.

    It has taken us 3 years to sort all that out when really when you think of it, it ought to be obvious.

    I think for us, we lost sight of the forest!