Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Pics -- Berlin


  1. Great photos. Brought back memories. Did you climb to the top at the Berliner Dom? Whew. It about wore me out.

  2. Hi Immer!

    Thanks! Brought back great memories for me too. Now I want to go back!

    No, we didn't climb the Dom this time -- next time!

    Hope things are more settled for you at work!

  3. Thanks for showing some photo's as it's hard to imagine until you are actually there or see photo's. Looks like cool somewhat rainy weather you had. France was like that most of the time we were there with the sun coming out the last 4 days in Paris.

  4. A picture's worth a thousand words! Thanks for posting these up!

  5. Hi Sue!

    Welcome home! I really enjoyed your race report.

    Yes, the weather is in the low teens and overcast. I don't mind it as it is easy to walk all day without feeling too warm or worn out.

    But I forget who I am talking to...I'm talking about regular endurance people like me :)

    Hi Sandra!

    You are very welcome!