Friday, May 28, 2010

New Electrical Reality

I've heard from other people I know in our city they have gotten their "smart meters" already. We've had ours at the cottage for a while now and how it is going to literally hit home.

What it will mean is we will be billed for when we use hydro. The day is split into 3 regions of low, med & high usage rates.

What we are paying now will be the "low" rate and in order to continue paying it, you'll be need to stick to the time of day restrictions which on average will be between 9pm and 7am during the weekdays and it will be low on weekends and holidays.

Mid and high pricing will be almost double and over double.

We are at the cottage on weekends mostly so we will be in the low range. We've had our new meter up there for a while now and we haven't noticed a significant difference in billings.

Some of our neighbours have seen their bills double, to their dismay and others have seen it drop. I think it is just a reflection on household routines and habits.

Some of our routines at home will be changing. D and I will need to discuss laundry routines, cleaning times and when our hot water heater gets charged up.


  1. what a nice way to live. NOT!

    guess it'll be here in the states soon. misery will love company.

  2. Wow - lots of restrictions there. You'll now have to schedule times to do laundry, take shower, etc. I'm sure you'll be able to adjust to the new routine but still, I'd feel like I'm somehow loosing the freedom to choose when to do certain things in my own house...

  3. Hi Anonymous & Sandra!

    I didn't realize it is coming to the States? The way the power company explains it is that it is an accurate reflection of their costs of running the generators.

    As long as you are willing to pay for it, you can use electricity whenever you want ie. I won't be suffering in heat and refuse to use my AC if I'm getting heat stroke -- this the last couple of weeks here -- we've been in the high 20's C and my AC has been on!