Sunday, April 4, 2010

Driving Fast

Our four day getaway itself was pretty economical. We stayed in a hotel suite and prepared some of our meals. Originally we were going to fly there and decided last minute to make it into a road trip. So, we have a couple of travel credits to be used later on.

The purpose of the trip? For me to learn how to drive standard better in preparation for a rally driving course. This was the not so economical part. My instructor was a semi professional rally driver and man, can he control the car. I did a lot of drills and patterns over the last 3 days and it was nerve wrecking and tiring.

I did stall and shifted in the wrong gear once but seem to have a knack for hill starts. He was nice enough to tell me I was performing ahead of the pack but I still felt very deficient. This experience has helped me decide not to take more than a 2 day rally course at a time because mentally I think I would lag or shut down.

Other than to participate in the sport, I did not develop the affinity for stick shift in daily driving -- to D's dismay -- I think he was hoping we'd be heading over to the nearest Subaru or JDM dealership after my classes.

For me, it is a lot of work when you cannot drive fast. I think I will stick with an automatic vehicle for everyday and practice the other weekly to keep my skills up.


  1. Will you participate in a rally race? Ever since I've started watching Top Gear, I've had this urge to learn how to drive like that. I hear Swedish driving school is very tough and churn out many rally race winners!

  2. Hi Sandra;

    I don't think I'll get into racing because that would mean buying a rally car or getting an existing car modified which would make owning a plane look cheap!

    I'll just stick with the vehicles they provide at the schools and drive in their environment.

    You may have already seen this video but I'd love to be able to know enough to do this...