Monday, April 5, 2010


I am considering calling the realtor who held the listing for the cottage for a market evaluation of the property. The results of it may sway me in the direction of selling it. For some time, I've had a desire to liquidate it and just hold it as cash in preparation for our next move, whatever it may be.

D feels it is because I am impatient and in a few years I will have an increase in cash flow by virtue of not having mortgage payments. Perhaps he is right. Mentally I know I would feel freer with more money in the bank now, rather than a building.

Deep down, I know I bought the cottage at a time in my life when I wanted a place to escape to. As my life has gotten more balanced and less hectic, I have felt a lesser need to run away and more of a wish to explore other places.

My change of heart may be a good sign. Has the use of the cottage run its course of usefulness for me? Perhaps another family can enjoy it for many years to come?

It hasn't got old for D so I struggle with the timing of this. There isn't a real financial reason why it has to be sold now. I just think that with interest rates so low, there may be people out there who are in the market to lock things up before things rise.

Selling a home, especially one 4 hrs away also takes a lot of energy -- Not entirely sure I want to open the can of worms, just somewhat sure.


  1. It's a good idea to know the market value of your cottage whether you're going to sell it or not. Will this place appreciate in value; will you be able to sell it for more down the road? Will you use it when you retire or are you fairly sure you're done with it?

    We sold our Washington house (on the west coast) after we moved to the east coast. Our realter handled everything so we didn't have to do much except sign the paperwork at the end.

  2. Hi Sandra!

    That's great to know you had no problems with selling you home from that far away. That makes things easier for me mentally!

    Those are great questions you posed. It has already gone up in value, significantly. It may still go up but that isn't a huge issue for me.

    The last question is the big one. I would like to own something overseas ie. France, as once we are retired, there isn't the need to stay here. If I sell now, I'll have cash ready to buy.