Thursday, April 1, 2010


I went to book the flight I had on hold last night and it turned out I misunderstood when the hold expired. I thought I still had 3 hrs to go when it had expired 2 hrs earlier (Europe time vs North American time).

So the flight is now more expensive as the seat sale is over...My gut is telling me there will be another opportunity so I'll be patient and wait. Why a Canadian site would use Europe time is beyond me as I have never had this happen before.

Today will be the last day of the first week of D's new job. He has been out of town for 3 days -- the norm each week. I'm not sure I love his commute. I'm a worry wort that way. And I tend to think of decisions with respect to how it impacts health and lifestyle. It is going to take a couple of months for us to flow with the new scheduling.

He is happy with the new challenges and is still sorting out the "Do we still need the parking pass?" issue as he is finding out that perhaps he will not be able to work remote as much as he was led to believe.

I guess this is part and parcel of contract work and the sacrifices you make for extra money. D is getting paid 60% more than he was at his last job and in 6 months, will know if he will be offered a permanent position or continue as contract or if he will be job hunting again.

Being I am not motivated by money much (at least that is what I tell myself) -- if I was, I'd be working a lot more -- plus I don't work in a corporate world, with computers nor carry a Blackberry -- and wouldn't relish the thought of being called at all hours -- I'm having a harder go at adjusting to it and being woken up earlier than he is.

Reminds me just how much freedom and control I do have with my work -- despite those occassional rough days -- time to be grateful!

Like most people, we have a 4 day long weekend coming up. We'll be taking a road trip out of town for the duration. Have a Super Easter Everyone!


  1. It always takes a period of time to adjust to a new job. Too bad he won't be working from home as often as he thought he'd be able to. But 60% increase is significant!

    Have fun during Easter break!!

  2. Hi Sandra!

    Yes, I wish he was able to work from home more. I got used to that with his last job. I'm not a huge fan of change when it comes to day to day life.

    Hope you had a great Easter too!