Wednesday, April 21, 2010


There seems to be growing Canadian anger from people who know people or are themselves stranded in Europe unable to come home.

I'm surprised at this because as a nation, we aren't known to be overly opinionated or vocal.

D and I discussed what we'd do should we find ourselves in the same predicament.

Basically, we aren't seeing why there is an expectation of the Canadian government to send war ships and planes to evacuate people who have been stranded for 5 days in a first world country.

If it isn't safe to fly, I don't want to fly.

Some of the points that have been brought up include people running out of money, medicine, people who needed to be at a surgery, funeral, birthday party, wedding etc.

No one asked for this... This is an act of Nature...

And, it isn't all about YOU... There are tens of thousands of people involved.

This may come across as uncaring or harsh. My intent isn't to be unfeeling. If 5 days is enough to unravel your life in a first world country, then I would question just how prepared or secure are you?

It doesn't take much or many people for chaos to spread. Taking personal responsibility in a case like this includes being patient.

Airlines are more anxious than anyone to get back into business. The Internet will allow people to keep in touch, make alternate arrangements.

Hopefully people have enough room on their credit cards to spring for some extra days' worth of accommodations and to buy needed medication.

Airlines are giving priority to people who have been waiting the longest during flight re-booking. I realize that camping out at an airport isn't fun -- it never has been.

Travel insurance claims can be made once people are back home -- Keep your receipts. It is unfortunate that there are reports of hotels increasing their rates seemingly to take advantage of the situation.

We cannot always make it to birthday parties, funerals, surgeries etc. even if we weren't stranded. Car accidents take more people out than something that happens once in a blue moon.

If we have to take a week longer off without pay, then so be it. I would not expect anyone to compensate me. Travel is a luxury item and a choice for a lot of people.

I'm pretty philosophical about stuff like this. Things do not always work out as planned. This is a part of Life.

I only read one article in Canadian news about the plight of the farmers in southern Iceland. They are exhausted from working overtime caring for their contained animals while having to breath in the ash laden air.

Not surprising, they have refused to abandon their home. Some ash clean up has started at farms where winds have shifted.

I decided to subscribe to a magazine I read while in Iceland called "Iceland Review" so that I can keep up with what is really going on in what has quickly become one of my favorite countries.


  1. I agree to a point. Where I don't agree is that places like hotels, car rental companies and the like have raised their rates huge due to the ability to take advantage of people that have no choice due to the situation. That is unfair. Booking a hotel and waiting it out is one thing - being gauged b/c of it is unfair.
    No wonder people are mad that they are stranded.

  2. Hi Joanne;

    I agree. Taking advantage of stranded travellers during a crisis is a decision someone in a company decided to make last minute.

    So instead of being grateful for the unexpected increase in business, they decide to go for the jugular.

    Not a nice thing to do at all. We ought to be helping everyone out, not gauging them.

    I hope when this is over for people, there will be a lot of letters written to hotels, car agencies etc about this monopoly like behavior.

    Very short sighted as it will not endure their brand to those unwilling customers.

    Thanks for the link to the article.

  3. Yes, being stuck at a place away from home is not desirable but people shouldn’t panic about it. Since there’s nothing they can do, just think of it as a longer vacation. As for hotels that rise their rate during this time, that’s just unethical! They’re pushing their customer away; I wouldn’t want to stay at that hotel next time I visit.

  4. I'd rather be sailingApril 21, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    An excellent post!

    When people get frustrated, it's natural I suppose to vent one's frustration and this is what we are seeing.

    Is this part of the modern world we've become part of... schedules so tight and organized that we've forgotten how to 'roll' with what life throws at us.... especially when that something is out of our control.

    That's why I was attracted to your blog.. your 'middle way approach' to life. Now if only more people could adapt that outlook on life, what a difference it would make.

    Years ago my kids got me a T-shirt while in the Caymans that read 'I consider to be on time when I get there'

    I've kind of taken this as my modis operendi or my 'middle way' approach to life. While schedules and appointments etc are important it's knowing where the priorities in one's life are that are ultimate.

    And calling for the airlines to put their planes in the sky when it's not safe to me is not one of those ultimate moments.

    My son's departure day for their school trip to Europe is next Thursday... it'll be interesting to see how he, his fellow students and parents will react should the trip not go ahead as planned.

    Keep up the good posting... enjoying the reading.

  5. You never know what is going to happen so you have to be prepared for the worst. Yes it's unfortunate that some businesses take advantage of situations like this. I hope when I head to Europe in the next couple weeks that another volcano doesn't erupt or something even worse but I go knowing that anything can happen and that I have to be prepared just incase. If your not prepared to spend extra money or stay extra time if the worst does occur then we should be staying home.
    It's not like there isn't running water, food and accomodations to be had.

  6. I don't know how I'd react in a situation like that. I might be stressed worrying about getting back home to my children if they weren't with me... on the other hand, if they WERE with me, I'd probably be stressed about the wait and hearing "when can we go hooooooommmme" a million times! I guess that's one reason why we don't travel!!!

  7. Hi Sandra!

    I'm with you on that. There are so many choices out there nowadays, we can take a stand with that.

    Hi I'd rather be sailing!

    Thank you very much for your kind compliment. To be honest, I'm not sure how people even manage to find this blog. It has made me hyper aware of grammar, spelling etc... :)

    The modern day tight scheduling/supposed productivity doesn't allow people to think anymore. It's probably why we are so dependent on daytimers, PDA's etc.

    If we were to go about our day according to what our natural (healthier) capacity allows us without pressure to conform to an impossible schedule, our pace would slow.

    I believe people wouldn't need all the drugs to moderate their anger, mood and pain. Not being allowed/able to go with the flow can cause so many problems.

    We are supposed to leave a couple of days after your son. The next adventure is not far away now!

    Hi Makky's Mom!

    It looks like it would be tough both ways for you... :) At least you have an idea what to expect and are proactive about it.