Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Caught Up and Ready

My plan this summer was going to include not working Fridays. As I don't work Mondays, it would mean a 4 day long weekend for 8 weeks.

This morning I had another idea. It would be maybe as fun or better to take 2 solid weeks off instead of all the Fridays. When I looked at my calendar, I realized I could accomplish that with a couple of days to spare. A good or better alternative. Going to sleep on it.

Over the weekend, I was proactive and purchased a can of regular bug spray (for personal use). I am one of those people who tends to get sought out by biting insects. The natural spray I've been using hasn't worked very well the last few summers so it is back to using DEET.

Was at my family Dr's today to go over my long overdue blood work. Everything came back really good. I also got a Tetanus shot as it was overdue as well and my prescription for a new Epipen. All and all a good visit.

I always feel better after seeing him because he is just the most lighthearted guy. He genuinely loves what he does and loves being around people. When you don't need to work anymore, I think you'd have to love it to voluntarily continue to work full time.

Next stop will be our local travel clinic. I need to make an appointment to discuss travel immunization needs for Argentina. Most likely I'll be getting shots for Typhoid and Yellow fever.

Like many others, we are keeping a close watch on the volcanic ash situation over Europe. If we don't get to go, the airlines are offering a very fair refund or change policy. We'd likely have to claim our apartment rental through our travel insurance if we do not receive an option to change dates.


  1. I am the one bugs seek out but I usually don't use any sprays; maybe I should. I just put those anti-itch cream on all the bites I get. That's the thing I hate about summer - all the bugs are coming out! =(

  2. Hi Sandra!

    I'm not so lucky. My bites turn into awful welts that stay ichy and swollen for a week or more. If I am biten numerous times, then I can also get hives. Not fun!