Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun Times

I cannot help it. I'm drawn to positive people who are proactive in their lives and also philosophically speaking. People who are cynical, defensive and look like they are ready to growl turn me off. There is too much negativity and tragedy around us anyways, why would I want to spend the rest of my time swimming in that?

I met the boyfriend of someone I work with this weekend and he just does nothing for me. In fact he repels me. Witnessing their public interaction was an eye opener because I just don't get the picky banter that goes on between them. They seem to be enjoying it so that's all that matters, I suppose. I couldn't live with it myself. Nothing about them says warm, in love or kind. To each his own.

Other than the above strange encounter, this weekend has been a bit of a celebratory one for us as we happened to have 2 groups of friends we were hosting and seeing already scheduled. Add to it D's recent job loss and gain, it was doubly cheerful. I drank way too much over the weekend (2 glasses of wine , 2 dessert coffees and quick tastes of some liqueur) so it was back on the exercise bike this morning.

One couple started something the last time we were at their place for a dinner party. They introduced a couple of liqueurs (a crazy Russian prune thing and Aquavit) no one had heard of before and it started a trend whereby we would bring back something different from our trips so we could all taste it next time we got together.

So as we were hosting, I got to unveil my finds from Iceland. The national drink is Brennivin, something you tend to drink after eating some rancid shark meat. The other was a Red Opal Vodka Shot which was horrific and did not taste like liquorice like I thought. I won't give too much more away just in case you are interested in trying... We tried to get the tastes out of our mouths with a quick drink of Lemoncello (didn't work) and Grey Goose which did work.


  1. I don't prefer being around negative people either. Very depressing...

    I wonder if I can find Brennivin and Red Opal in our local liquor store. Maybe not the Red Opal since you don’t think it tastes good.

  2. btw, I finished my life list/goals/bucket list. Traveling to Iceland & soaking in the thermal springs is one of the goals. =)

  3. Hi Sandra!

    You may want to look for the Red Opal, if only for a good laugh to see who can actually drink it!

    Can't wait to check out your life list! I'm sure it is going to be an inspiring one!