Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh Well

It looks like I'm going to have to send my laptop back to HP for some testing. It is making a strange whirring noise but otherwise is working. D is pretty sure it is the hard drive and we even re-set it and it didn't make a difference. Ditto the memory card.

So the next step is to get sent a box and ship it off and hopefully in 10 days, get it back again with no issues.

Way back with my first laptop (a Compaq), I had to send it back for shorting out and they ended up replacing the motherboard under warranty. My other HP who is retiring out west at the condo has never been sent back and is still running fine (albeit a bit slow and heavy) after 7 yrs.

I have confidence they will figure out what is going on and fix it.

We are heading on a mini road trip over Easter and I want my laptop with me so I will not likely send it until after.

Today was D's last day of work and he new job starts on Monday. He is super excited about it as it will be more challenging. What we are hoping is that we will be able to ditch the monthly parking pass as he will be working remote most of the time. That will save us about $70/month. Hopefully his new boss will not have changed his mind about that.


  1. It's annoying when the computer acts up! My laptop has a few quirks that bother me but not enough to take it anywhere to get fixed.
    Good luck to D at his new job!

  2. Thanks Sandra!

    I spent another 40mins working through tech support's instructions and the noise is still there so I'm now waiting for the box to arrive.

    In a way I'm glad it is acting up now and not a year from now when the warranty is over!