Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check & Cross Check

Those of you who are customers of President's Choice Financial and file your income taxes with Ufile, PC is offering a discounted rate for UFile. Check out the link once you log online.

In other news, D bought a laptop yesterday as his side work cannot be done on his new work laptop. It is the first laptop he has actually owned whereas I've owned 3. On the other hand, he's owned 3 cars and I'm still working on my first.

I'm dangerously close to booking another solo trip. Currently doing the math on it and have spend a lot of time staring at our household spreadsheet to see if I've really got the month of April (where I'm covering most of the cash flow) figured out accurately before I pull the trigger.

How will I be paying for this? The same place D got his money for his laptop. My March income is going to generate enough extra monies to take care of most of the computer and about 1/2 of the plane ticket. The rest will come from our dream accounts.

I just want to be really sure first as I've overlooked things before. Going to give it another day or so before deciding.


  1. How exciting!! I am envious that you travel so much. My kids are still small and I feel like they cannot appreciate the more historical & far off places until they're older... so for now, we're traveling mainly within the continent.

  2. How exciting! Did you have any special place in mind? France is so close now I can't wait.

  3. Hi Sandra!

    It is easy when you don't have kids. My girlfriends who have young ones are also waiting until theirs are older before doing anything overseas. Road trips and camping are what their little ones really enjoy right now.

    Hi Sue!

    I can't wait to hear what you think of France! I hope you become as enchanted with it as I am. Right now, I'm thinking Buenos Aires again...since I decided to postpone it last year...