Friday, February 5, 2010


There will be a little extra bonus money this month, to the tune of $154.92 net, based on January earnings. Overall 2010 has been slower than '09. Everything is still balancing so not worried.

I have been thinking about what we'll do should mortgage interest rates go up. Where will the increased regular mortgage payments come from? Because we allocate monies to the penny in advance, I will have to juggle something else to make it work.

So what will decrease? Not sure yet -- likely our travel fund. I don't wish to decrease mortgage prepayments because they will slow us down a bit. In the end, it will depend on just how much payments increase that will determine the length we'll have to cut back on other things.

D has been encouraging me to come up with some ideas for a side business. I'm really not qualified to do much outside of what I do so the only thing I've come up with is some freelance work.

Right now, I haven't the energy to make the idea real though summer time may be the right timing for me to work on content for a web page and brainstorm about my target market etc.

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