Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun Times

I'm flying solo for the next 6 days as D is off on his guys' ski trip. He sent me an email earlier today about how tired he was after his double black diamond ski lesson. Turns out his instructor grew up wind surfing at our cottage beach! What a small small world!

On a really humorous note, I have received a few "awards" from Livemocha, the site I'm using to learn Icelandic. Apparently I have been the Icelandic student of the week for 2 weeks in a row... although I think I may be the only one learning it right now... Don't ask me how to say "I am lost" because I haven't learned it yet but I can say "I am going to be climbing a ladder"... :)

It appears I have made a bit of a mental shift with respect to work. I find myself enjoying it more. Not being overly busy has its advantages. I may not be making more money than last year at this time but I don't feel as beat up afterwards either and that is worth something to me.

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