Monday, February 22, 2010


Do you need a carrot to keep motivated?

Our test driving Subarus was to learn some stuff as well as serve as D's carrot to keep himself excited about extra contract work. Any extra monies he makes will go towards travel and saving for a car he really really wants.

It was useful exercise as he found out he couldn't fit into one of the cars he liked. No use pining after something that doesn't actually work. It's a good metaphor for life. Gets you out of your head.

So on the same line, do you put mental and emotional limits on your life? Are you stronger than you think?

Being tested highlights my limits. Otherwise the roll of daily life doesn't usually get me out on enough of an edge (either way) to remind myself of my limitations.

I guess that is why some people work with mediation to test their mental and physical stillness. Why some people do extreme sports, to see just how far they can go. Why some people fast just to be able to feel and overcome the fear of hunger.

I know people who engage in all of the above activities and they tell me they feel the most alive when in that zone. The most in tune with the essence of who they are. And by doing so increases their capacity of what they can handle.


  1. Oh, excellent post! This is really spot on for where I am right now. Awaking to my SELF-IMPOSED limits (mental & physical) and finally realizing that what I put out comes back to me, hence the feeling that I'm continuously spinning my wheels.

    My BIL has sent me a guided meditation which I'm excited to begin...once I can figure out how to get it onto my iPod! :P

    Lovely thoughts for this morning!

  2. I'm glad you test drove the Subarus to narrow down which car fits =)

    Slow and steady is how I aproach many things. My goals & values keep me motivated. I also try to live by being aware of the present. "The present is a present" after all.

  3. Thanks Northern Living Allowance! You are definately stronger than you think. I hope you got those files loaded and are enjoying them.

    Hi Sandra!

    I do a bit of both. When I get impatient (which can be often..), then I'll push myself, otherwise, I think I am pretty much slow and steady too.

    My tendency is to think too much into the future so I remind myself to pull things back to right now before I lose all of today for something that doesn't exist yet.