Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bad Work Karma

I heard a story from a parent yesterday that made me wonder just how ungrateful some can be. The story is, their son (who is married and has children) has been unemployed for a while as their previous place of work closed.

Luckily, they got a secure job with great benefits which started 3 weeks ago.

Now they are steaming mad about this new job a lot of people would love to have, because their coffee break is 5 minutes shorter than it is supposed to a company meeting cut into that time.

Did they not suffer enough on unemployment over the last year to be happy and grateful for the opportunity to properly support their family? What (if any) is this person even thinking?

As much as I do not love what I do every single day I do it, I am grateful for it. Personally I think it is bad Karma to be dissing your new job like that.

On a fun note, D and I are off to test drive Subarus today. So if you see one whizzing by at a high rate of speed, it may just be us! : )


  1. Unemployment here in Jersey is more than 10%. I have friends whom used to work for financial investments companies that are no longer there (i.e. Leman Brothers & Bear Stern). They’ve had to look for other jobs with much less pay. Some are still working only part-time because that’s all they can find right now. We are fortunate that my husband’s job as a physician is fairly stable.

  2. Ouch! The fact that they actually managed to find A job is what they should be grateful for. One with great benefits and is secure? Even more so. I have to agree with you - being 'steaming mad' about a 10-min coffee break instead of a 15-min break (or whatever) is NOT the fight to pick. Be grateful that you have what a lot of others don't. Bad karma indeed!!

    Good luck with the Subaru test driving! Sounds fun! :)

  3. Some people just don't get it. I have been going through my things today trying to find household items I can donate to a family I've just heard about, who have been living out of their car and finally have a temporary place to live. Bitching about a coffee break? Really? You would think being out of work with a family would be enough of a reality check of what is/isn't important, but I guess not. Shaking head.....

  4. Hi Sandra!

    Wow, 10% is high. There aren't too many areas of work that are considered stable anymore. I'm glad that your family has one of them. There will always be a need for doctors. It makes planning easier as you know that given enough time, your goals will be accomplished.

    Hi Cathy & Julie & Northern Living Allowance!

    I agree with all three of you wholeheartedly.

    Knowing which fight to pick indeed...Sometimes I wonder just how bad does it have to get for some people to get it?

    Yup, you'd think that seeing spouse and kids suffer would be enough...