Sunday, February 7, 2010

Giving Back

I just heard of an opportunity for a build with Habitat for Humanity right in my own city. First thing tomorrow I am going to call and see if they still need people to help. If so, I'm signing up D and I.

Before Christmas, I spoke with an administrator for our local branch of Big Brothers and Big Sisters to see if there was any need for volunteers. Apparently there is a waiting list for our city and the surrounding area.

D has been a big brother for almost 3 1/2 yrs in the past whereas I've never been involved with them before. My experience is with volunteer tutoring at a half way house for teens convicted of violent crimes. It was a memorable experience.

We are getting ready to give back again in a way that doesn't necessary involve a lot money. It will be hard not to want to give too much. Back when D was involved, he didn't have a lot of money so the activities were shooting hoops etc. with his little brother.

Now he is able to offer more. I guess it is something we will need to discuss during the interview. If everything goes well (I can't see why not), I would be open to learning more about becoming a foster parent.


  1. I am a teacher in a very needy part of my town and I can tell you that the things that kids with a big brother or big sister need are experiences - not stuff. Bake cookies, read a book together, help him/her research for a project, get some clay and play with it, play a board game... those are all things that they lack and will hold onto the most. My students love to share about the fun activities they do with their big brother/sister - and when they learn something from it, they think it is even cooler - so check out what is happening in their school life and google some fun activities (make a skeleton system out of spaghetti and noodles, create a rap/song to help learn multiplication facts, etc.)

    The Big Brothers/Sisters and Habitat for Humanity are awesome - what a great way to contribute to the bettering of society!

  2. Thank you so much for providing your insights! It was really helpful to me.

    Where we were going with it was that we weren't sure whether to assume that the kids would own bikes or that it would be ok to do things like kayaking or hiking (again assume they would have the proper footwear).

    Either way, I'm sure we will come up with something. The important thing is that the intent to connect is there. The details will work themselves out.

    I will have to find out what's going on at school as I am so out of the loop on such things!

    Thanks again!