Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taxes 2009

I found out this morning that my online tax program I use was up and running for the 2009 tax year. You cannot file until mid Feb but am able to input all numbers and get a result.

I had been using last year's template to get a rough idea and it turns out this year's template makes a difference of $22 on what I will owe -- less as our basic personal exemption has increased.

So I can officially say my taxes are "done" and I will be filing them online as soon as I am allowed. I owe around $800.

On a neat note, I received an email from another member of livemocha asking if I would look over an assignment for him. He is from Brazil and is learning english. This is a way you can help each other out and give back as the courses are free.

Craziest word yet? Try this -- Voruflutningabillinn -- which means tractor trailer in 7 syllables. I thought for about 2 mins yesterday I was pronouncing it correctly. Today? Lost it! I hope I will not need to use this word, especially not in the context of being hit by one!

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