Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interesting Stuff

I jumped the gun the the whole tax submission thing yesterday. I forgot all about those year end statements from the brokerage firms and investment companies that I will need to submit. Whoops!

So in reality, I won't have all the paperwork until early March and what I owe may change depending on capital gains and dividend income.

Our mortgage payment days and my pay are off kilter until May -- just the way the calendar falls. It rights itself once we get our first 3 payment month out of the way.

I played around with the amortization calendar yesterday and we will have around a $30000 balance after our mortgage term expires on the main house. The ski condo will be done by the time its mortgage term expires 8 months later so it is on autopilot.

Other than that, we are pretty much on autopilot with work as well. I did find some cool life stuff though -- such as a great surfing instructor in San Juan Puerto Rico and a great diving package in Santorini Greece.

Some things to file away for another day. Gotta keep things interesting! I'm not great enough in anything to be whisked away to do cool things in cool places like Sue here, so I will just have to dream up stuff on my own!


  1. Oh don't kid yourself about being great in something...I'm sure your great in many things you do. I'm really not that great I just have a passion for something that the whole world doesn't have quite yet...or at least all of Canada. Thanks for the comment thou that was very nice :)

  2. You are very welcome Sue! I still think you are being modest... :)