Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting With It

There was no change in the first Bank of Canada rate announcement just a few minutes ago. That's good news to us and our mortgage. I do not believe we will escape is rising before our term is over but it is nice to have it hold as long as we can get it.

It turns out it wasn't my over thinking and overdoing it on the weekend that led to my headache. It was a virus and I was actually coming down with a head cold. I'm better today but feeling weak so going to take it easy.

We found another laptop bag and bought it to compare with the one I had originally purchased when I got my computer. This new one is larger and is frankly too large. I am going to stick with the one I've got even though it is a bit too small.

If someone told me even 5 years ago, that I would be travelling with thousands of dollars worth of electronics as a "normal", I would have thought they were crazy. Now I will be travelling with a laptop, noise cancelling headphones, chargers, plug converters, Bluetooth earpiece, ipod, world phone and camera.

By the way, I love love love my new Bluetooth headset. It is so easy to use even for the cheapest unit. We paid $24 for ours. I would like to say "why have I waited so long?" but in reality, it wouldn't have worked with my other laptop because the technology didn't exist then and we didn't have a need for it from a cell phone perspective. I still think they look silly but I don't plan to be walking around in public with it.


  1. Isn't technology crazy? A book used to be more than sufficient and now it's more gadgets than we know what to do with. I still, however, love my iPod, my new computer, my DSLR, my cell... :P

    Glad you're feeling better! Take care and don't do anything silly like, say, go back to work before you should...

  2. Hi Northern Living Allowance!

    I haven't taken the jump to the DSLR yet but am tempted to learn more about them...

    I miraculously got better about 24hrs after it came on. Strange but no complaints!