Monday, January 18, 2010

Finance Stuff

We broke down yesterday and dipped into our fun money to buy eggs, bread and other staples as we had run out. The next installment of grocery money won't be coming until Friday. Thank goodness for fun money! Now we'll know, if we continue to ship once every 2 weeks, we'll need more staples.

I have a nasty habit of thinking too far as well as too detailed in advance. If I really go at it, like I had this weekend, it will often give me a headache -- something I don't need. I'm going to make myself back away from too much travel planning and too much spreadsheet work. I remind myself it is all within my control! Why suffer needlessly?

One of the financial initiatives I am trying out this year is the concept of paying everything off in real time rather than going with the statement date of the Visa company. I find it simpler. It is also easier to keep everything belonging to that month in that month spreadsheet wise. I still get the benefits of travel miles without the waiting until the statement comes out to reconcile the account.

If possible, I would also like to have my non tax savings ready by the end of this year for the next year vs. saving during the year it is meant for. I am negotiable on this. Deep down, it is likely better I do this so that I am not tempted to spend it on another fabulous trip!


  1. Hello there
    I've found it better to pay things off the Visa account as they come in rather than waiting till the end of the billing period. Keep a check online tosee whats been presenteed and then reconcile weekly and pay. That way if something gets paid in Jan but the statement doesn't finish till Feb I can say that item is a Jan expense.
    Give it a go
    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy!

    Yes, doing it that way is certainly much easier. My statement dates straddle 2 months so it gets confusing. The added bonus is that it makes me make sure I really have the money to buy what I'm buying!