Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great People

On my flight home, I encountered some neat people. One was a member of our country's freestyle Olympic team (very cool!). The other was a great lady that sat beside me.

I love meeting people who are inspirational. I love the glimmer in peoples' eyes as they are recounting a great experience. It gets me excited about life.

The post holiday seat sales are started. D hasn't bought his flight back out west yet and today's news is going to seal the deal for him. We have not seen prices like this before. It gets my mind just whirling with the possibilities.

My favorite driver was the one who took us to the airport. It was nice being told that he was hoping to bump into us again. He went to Alaska a couple of weeks after I was there last May and loved it too. He and his wife are going to tackle Asia next.

My solo trip is finalized. It will be Iceland in the spring. I hope to see the Aurora there. My papers for the apartment I'm renting came through today. Once I send money, it's mine for the duration. I'm trying to talk D into coming but he has a guys' ski trip he is saving up for and will not be able to swing it.

I'm doing my best to not think about the shear number of hours I will be spending at airports to get to Reykjavik. I'm seriously considering getting a netbook after all.


  1. OH! Iceland...I'm SOO jealous! It's one of my definite "must-see" places in our lovely world. I'm already waiting to hear how it all went! How did you find the apt? Just an online search?

  2. Hi Northern Living Allowance!

    Yes, I found it online. We've used Holiday rentals UK as well as Homeaway. Both work great. It's fun looking at all the different places you can rent!

  3. Thanks for the info! I actually used to peruse and receive brochures with the British options. I hadn't thought of using those sorts of things for places further afield. Fab!

  4. Hi Northern Living Allowance!

    You are very welcome! It's amazing just how many places available all around the world.

    The big plus is that it oftens saves you money going the apartment route vs. hotel because you can make your own meals.

    It also allows you to integrate with the local community better which is a big reason why I travel.