Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The great account switcheroo has started -- which means the money in our saving accounts are getting moved to investment accounts. Our cash flow is going to take a hit until it gets built up again. It's a scary feeling seeing those numbers go down even though we aren't losing the money.

Our main library is near where D works and he is picking up 9 items today. We put all our requests on hold while we were away so the big load will be coming in over the next week or so. I'm pretty excited about it.

It seems like the airlines are changing the carry on requirements on a daily basis! When I saw the latest measurements of computer cases, I ran downstairs to get my tape measure to make sure my bag was within the allowable volume. Luckily it passed. D's laptop bag didn't as it is a backpack style and they are not allowed right now.

I'm draining my dream account to pay for my spring trip. All the flights have been purchased as well as the apartment booked. I made a silly mistake on PayPal this afternoon and payed for it using a checking account instead of my Visa (I want the points). The person I spoke with at PayPal was great and reversed it in the nick of time. Goes to show that I ought not to do any type of banking while eating.

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