Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cool Stuff!

I found out that one of the air miles I collect has an expiry date of May 2010. It was sheer coincidence that I found out. That changes things for me as I had wanted to save up for something bigger. I have a few ideas what to do with them but don't like being on a forced schedule.

D has been doing some research on home swaps. He met a fellow skiing the other day who was here for 2 weeks on a swap and suggested we look into it. I have to admit, it seems interesting but I'm not sure I can do it.

Finally, I found out something really really cool a few days ago. In university, I was part of a wine tasting society. The fellow that ran it has since become a professional rally car driver and is the 2009 North American Rally Champion. Guess what he drives? An Evo!


  1. Check this out -!.aspx

    You may find more options for your Air Miles

  2. Thanks Sam! I will check it out.