Saturday, January 2, 2010


I would like to make a concerted effort this year to curb food wastage. From wasted milk to lemons going bad because we have neglected to keep an eye on things. Most of the time that's all it is -- not paying attention. And it makes me mad to see wasted food go into the garbage or down the sink.

It has been a very different being here. We have watched more TV than we are used to. I cannot believe the types of shows out there. All the reality stuff literally makes me sick. Part of me find the displays of humanity just incredible. Maybe that's what people can relate to now or what sells.

I'll be flying back home in a few days. It hasn't felt like I've been here very long at all. I'll know just how therapeutic this break has been once I get back to work. I have had to think of work while I was here as I received a message from my associate (didn't appreciate it). He was very surprised that I was calling him back from BC. Other than that, they have left me alone. Or I think they have as I have not checked my messages since then... :)

D and I have been very pleased with how much lower our grocery bill has been this year vs. last year. Our better shopping habits has made a significant difference -- something we didn't think was possible last year. We actually have money left over! Also, there isn't anything big that needs to be purchased for this location anymore. That's a good thing.


  1. I feel a little better that your TV is as dire as ours. I remember when the BBC had superb programming. Not now though. I dont miss not watching Tv at all.

  2. I finally cancelled my cable last February when I moved. I was quite a TV addict, so I had to do it cold turkey. I find I don't miss it at all now because most of the shows I used to watch on HGTV I can see online. I can't believe I used to waste so much time in front of the TV!

    Sounds like you both enjoyed yourselves! Good luck at work tomorrow... ;)

  3. I feel like an old person by saying this, but TV is not what it used to be. It's mostly sensationalism these days, with a lot of style and very little substance. Even the previously dependable channels like Discovery and History have dumbed themselves down with copycat "reality" shows. My wife and I cancelled cable as a result.

  4. We don't pay for cable at home either. If D didn't spend his allowance on this, we wouldn't have it here either. We both agree that we haven't missed much of the "world" at all!