Friday, October 30, 2009

S'All Good

Being the ever helpful guy he is, D sent me this video to help me in my car buying decision... (he knows I want to learn how to Drift). I've probably seen Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift about 5 times!

Well, I spoke with my colleague about the sudden change to working more. I was told that the owners spoke to them directly and after a lot of guilt laying about their lack of family time and the need to all of us to band together on this... they relented and agreed to do it.

Apparently they also said they would be speaking to me directly also. Nothing yet. My colleague thought they haven't done so because they were scared of me! D doesn't think they will either and just said they would in order to coerce their way. I'm mentally preparing myself just in case.

I subscribe of a couple of trade journals and this month, one of them dedicated the issue to financial preparedness in the midst of personal injury/disability. The articles really resonated with me as I have personal experience with that.

I decided to email the editor asking if they felt their readers would like to know about a first hand experience with professional disability that didn't fall into the category of making disability insurance out to be the end all and save all (as my injury didn't qualify).

The reply came yesterday and they would so I'll be writing a short article for their next issue.

Just for fun, I decided to send in my Alaska travelogue (edited to be non blog style) to a local paper for their travel stories section. The chances are likely slim to be chosen but the act of sending it made me feel good.

Last working day of the month. It is the tightest one this year billing wise. I hope I end up beating my goal.

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