Thursday, October 29, 2009


A number of glitches going on right now.

My houseboat and flight reservation is in scheduling limbo. D really wants to come along and is willing to put off his spring ski trip to do so. I'd like him to come too. We explore new places well together.

Technically, that wouldn't be a solo trip then... I may have to twist my own arm to find yet another place to go later on the year... I'm thinking Greece would be pretty cool! : )

On the car front, I got some info last night. Of course I would end up loving a car that is harder to find than anything else more mainstream. And of course there is only one left of of the '09 model (2008 ones and earlier are different) in Ontario in Black and the 2010 models have changed again.

I'm doing my best not letting my brain cells get themselves into a knot. What is helping is my hesitancy in wanting to fork out $55000 right now.

My associate who earlier last week said they wouldn't cave in and work any weekends have now committed to working some. So the email came addressed to all of us, thanking her for stepping up and helping out... there is only one space that needs coverage now... hint, hint... I'm going to get the story from her today.

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