Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Something New

Ideas are forming for my next solo adventure. If everything works out, it will involve a houseboat in the Netherlands. My life isn't going to stand still, new car or not! (No, I haven't made a firm decision either way)

It is also my way of letting go of the clinging to an idea or goal too hard. Whatever happens will be for the best.

D is having trouble talking his colleague into trying different foods while in NY. I'm not sure how you can be there and not end up giving something new a go. There is just so much! (See, he ought to let me go next time!)

I just sent D a link to a little hole in the wall place in Chinatown that just serves dumplings and told him to make sure to grab a hot pastrami on rye sandwich with a dill pickle (or matzoh ball soup if he really wants to get into it) at a Jewish Deli and some Soul food in Harlem before he leaves.

There's nothing "crazy" about any of the above (It's not like I suggested something more upscale like Nobu or Morimoto -- neither would be considered "crazy" in my book anyways...).


  1. That's my biddest fear...becoming like the norm living everyday like it's Groundhog Day. Afraid to take a chance, a leap or try something new. I live for a challenge and can't wait for my next adventure. A couple of motto's that I live by. Go Big or Go Home and Don't just dream your life live you're dream. You have an outstanding look on life!

  2. Houseboat in Holland sounds great. Is it Amsterdam? You wont get bored there for sure. Dutch food isnt my thing (except waffles and pancakes which they do very well) as its a bit bland. But they have loads of food from Suriname & other dutch protectorates, and from North Africa. Intersting and yummy!!

  3. Hi Sue!

    I don't think you will ever live a life like Groundhog Day. You are too strong for that! I can't wait to read about your next adventure.

    Thanks for the support!

    Hi Lizzie!

    Yes, I'm looking in Amsterdam. I just heard back and the timing doesn't look like it will work out. I will try again though!

    Thanks for the heads up on the food! Lucklly I am willing try different things. I won't starve!