Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rolling With It

Was very pleased to see our hydro and water bill numbers.

We used $21.29 worth of electricity, $11.50 worth of water and $16.50 worth of sewer last month. Very pleased with that.

Of course, when they add in all their fees, the bill balloons but we have controlled well that which we can.

Considering I am still using the desktop computer as my laptop is out west, I feel there is more savings available.

I had a pretty perfect work day yesterday. Something clicked as I tried to figure why I was feeling so calm and content despite working with the associate that feels I'm a slacker.

My "normal" workday is pretty intense. I solve and fix problems for a living, one on one with people in fairly small rooms with no natural light.

In a 6 hrs shift, I have no scheduled breaks and I have been known to see upwards of 35 - 40 people in that time.

Crazy field right? I'm the slowest out of the group... believe it or not!

Yesterday, I saw half of that and even though it meant less income, it felt good. Easy and relaxed. I was able to read 2 magazines, journal a bit and even check email.

I took a look at what it means for my spreadsheet and we can still manage without too many concessions.

It's too soon to tell if this is a new reality though I'll roll with it happily. It may make my dropping a day obsolete.


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  2. Welcome and thanks for stopping by!