Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I got the info I needed yesterday to write off the idea of changing my car stereo. Didn't realize what they would have to do (tear my whole dash apart) to get the new stereo in. The speakers are easy.

I am a bit paranoid that something will get damaged during the installation process. Last year D had some work done on his car that involved removing part of the dash and steering column and suddenly, he didn't have cruise control anymore...

The oil spray for my car was done. Cost $118. I believe it is well worth it and a reason why my car still runs and looks so well. I sent D over with his car later in the day and his was done too. Cost $100. His has never been done.

For fun last night, we looked at what type of car stereos come with which types of cars. I am slowing mentally building up a list of what I would like should the day come when I decide to replace my vehicle.

When you aren't spending any real money, the sky's the limit. I decided that it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if I was suddenly gifted an Infinity EX. It has a great Bose system standard...

On a health note, my family Dr took a lot of blood from me yesterday and is running a slew of tests. Apparently, I am long overdue. The saying about health care practitioners being the worst patients is true...

The only thing I'm wondering about is my cholesterol levels. When I'm stressed, it is the first indicator to show up. And I have been extremely stressed as of late.

He told me the results will be in today but I'll give him a couple of days to process all of his paperwork before I call. I guess it is time to get caught up with my dental, eye etc. appointments too...

On a finance front, I have been thinking about what I will do should interest rates start rising. Despite my ridiculously low mortgage rate, I still hate to pay more to the bank than I need to.

So, do I speed things up? Or do I just make up the difference and continue as normal? I'll need to think about this as I am on the verge of investing more. I may want the money to go elsewhere more assessable. (Hot off the press, the Bank of Canada rate holds as is)

Also have been running numbers on different scenarios -- D working, I'm not, D work, me work 2 days, quitting completely in 2 to 3 yrs, going back to school etc. There is a $1200/ month shortfall for D if I stop working right now because our mortgage payments are high so that is not an option.

If I work 2 days a week, we'll be fine and still be able to invest. The timeline for mortgage debt free will be extend 1 1/2 yrs, nearing 4 1/2 yrs instead of 3. I am weighing my increased well being against the extended timeline, trying to feel out what would be right and what I need from this.

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