Friday, October 16, 2009


My solution for getting more music in my life has worked really well. I'm getting in a few hours a day now, on top of ambient music at work.

My first impulse was to look at what I needed to buy... luckily my new frugality made surfing the Bose site a lot less fun.

My internal financial thermostat is set so differently now that I cringe at the numbers. Lucky for me, I bought my noise cancelling headphones and sound dock from them before this!

In all honestly, I would buy them again because I love the sound quality and unfortunately having a music background, I am a bit of an audiophile.

We have a pretty great surround sound system to accompany our projector too. D was betting on my dissatisfaction when he hooked his system up to our new projector 2 years ago.

He was right and a new system came into our lives that very weekend. We went with Klipsch.

So, instead of buying a mini system for my night table, I am making use of my noise cancelling headphones and my ipod more. At first, I wasn't happy with having headphones on around the house.

After a couple of weeks, I'm liking the portability for the upstairs. Downstairs, we have the sound dock and a mini system for the study and kitchen.

It is a great solution from the viewpoint that my headphones were purchased for airplane use and would sit unused otherwise. Now I feel I am getting value from them.

The problem now, after elevating my hearing experiences at home? I am not liking the stereo system in my car anymore... oops

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