Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm Not Being Deliberately Gross Here...

It is looking like I've made my first sale since the summer hiatus. I will be shipping once the money shows up in my account.

My 2nd week of "summer holidays" will start tomorrow. We are heading to the cottage to enjoy some fall air, colours and hearty food. There is a possibility we'll be dropping off Christmas presents at my in laws.

Yup, I am done Christmas shopping.

Because D and I spend the holiday out west, our family celebration with family is either before or after, depending on scheduling and weather. D's family lives up north, in serious snow country.

To be honest, it makes sense to me this way. This year the bonus is that we are getting to see their completed house.

They had bought 9 acres of land years ago in hopes of building their retirement home. His parents are now both retired and the house is finished. D and his brother each get 3 acres.

There isn't the build up and "forced feeling" that can happen with this particular holiday anymore. We can just enjoy the visit, share a nice meal and open gifts if we wish or save them for the "day".

This may not work if you have kids but for our adults only group, it is perfect.


  1. Did I miss something? Where is the grossness in this entry?

  2. A lot of people would consider the concept of a Christmas gift exchange in early Oct "gross"!