Friday, October 2, 2009


Just a quick post before we load the car to take off.

I did manage to squeak out an extra $553.26 out of last month projections so am very satisfied. We went out to a local family run Vietnamese restaurant to celebrate. Very yummy!

There is a ski swap in the next few weeks at our local ski club. D and I are going to put a pair each of our boots out for sale. Part of the proceeds will go to charity and part of it comes back to us. Win - win.

It has been near freezing at nights lately. I buckled and turned the heat on. For some reason, I'm not transitioning to the cooler temperatures as well as I am used to. I think I acclimatized too well to the summer!

Cooler temperatures also means using the hairdryer again. I don't like it and prefer just to let my hair air dry but it is getting too cold for that.

We've even had our fireplace on at the cottage since Labour day!

Back mid next week. Have a great one everybody!


  1. Sounds like a nice week you guys have planned. Enjoy your time at the cottage.