Friday, September 11, 2009

Month End, Month Starts

August billings were above estimate so my extra pay for the month is $1509.08 -- already absorbed into something... making up for monies spent on D's car as well as for the upcoming road trip to driving school.

I am finding using NetWorth IQ very useful for me mentally. Sometimes the spreadsheets just do not excite me at all and feel like chores.

I am very thankful for my blogging community for all the advice and support over this last year. The biggest changes I've made this year has been courtesy of all the great advice and motivation out there. Thank You All!

Now that school has started, even though I haven't been in school for years, I still find myself with a burst of energy that the "year" has started. Goes to show you how strong that programming can be!

I'm ready to sell more stuff. Need to organize what and how.

There is an opportunity to provide an additional service for my business. An associate of mine who does the same service (we have a non competition clause) is thinking of leaving. If she does, then I may be able to step in and expand my business.

I'm going to think more about it this weekend -- pricing, timing etc. It may be just the opportunity I have been waiting for to gain a bit more market share and presence.


  1. Why don't you post a link to your NetWorthIQ profile on the blog?

  2. It's there -- right underneath the "quote of the day".

    I couldn't figure out the html link they provided so I've put a manual link to it.

  3. Ah, I'm used to seeing the little graph on finance blogs. You have to add it on Blogger using the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget. Just copy/paste from the NetworthIQ page.

  4. It's done! Thanks so much for walking me through that!

    I was messing everything up on the html edit page. Didn't realize there was a gadget for it.

    Now I won't have to manually change things every month -- that'll be awesome!