Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Whoops. In my haste and desire to not wait for the library, I ended up paying more for the books than I could have. I forgot to look for them used and when I did, I found out I could have bought all 4 for $50 in hard cover.... Oh well. Live and learn.

Because we pay our mortgage bi-weekly, the schedule shifts off my pay cycle (bi-monthly) over the course of the year as we have 2 months where there 3 mortgage payments. October will be it for us.

I don't miss having to have an extra payment ready ahead of time back when I was a single home owner. Because D's pay cycle matches the mortgage cycle, I don't have to worry myself about it anymore. It's great relief!

My previous investment plans have been put on hold because of our mortgage payments. What I had been on track to doing was to have my non registered investment amount match my registered.

A quick calculation this morning showed that I am about half way there. I wasn't as far off as I thought. I'm tempted to cancel my driving school plans/trip and use the money to boost the investment side of things.

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