Sunday, September 13, 2009


D and I went driving this morning, in his car so that I could show him what I think I know. It went well. Didn't stall -- to his surprise... and managed to shift up and down relatively smoothly while turning with no jack rabbiting. The second reading of my driving book will take place this week.

Yesterday was a bit uncomfortable because we went house hunting in one of my favorite cities. It was D's idea and I wasn't keen on going because I somehow knew I would end up disappointed. I've loved this particular place since I was 11 yrs old -- not thinking that it could ever happen as it is quite expensive there.

My bubble did burst yesterday. It can happen but it would require that we sell the house and the cottage in order for it to be a lateral move in price but a downsize in space and quality of house. Not something I would consider right now.

The original idea was to see if we could find something to take the place of the cottage. I would be willing to trade it for something there. The answer is no. A decent place, in a not so great neighbourhood would be less than 50% of the size of our house but the property taxes would match. Not good value.

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