Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daily Living

D and I have very different "non paid" at home jobs. It works for us to divide property duties that way in order to capitalize our strengths.

For example, D doesn't mind cleaning whereas I can only tolerate a certain amount before I turn into a monster...

I like taking care of our book keeping, long range planning and savings whereas D can only handle it a bit at a time before his eyes gloss over.

Most of the time we complement each other really well and our multi home lives clip along well. I consider this to be really important that it does because it serves as the foundation to our living well.

Of course there will be times where neither one of us feel like cooking, cleaning or planning. And there are times one of us doesn't pull our weight because of one reason or another. And it is really easy to get lost in the swamp that can be debt repayment and overdoing it with the planning.

In the end, what motivates us is the ability to live the way we do and eventually the way we want to. That is the icing on the cake.

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