Monday, July 20, 2009

Calming Down

As of late, I've been focused on doing tasks single mindedly vs. my usual take on 3, 4, 5 things all at one. It has helped to simplify my life.

Tasks are still getting done and not taking longer with the added bonus that my brain isn't functioning on overdrive.

Overall, this approach is giving my nervous system a well earned break. If I get myself all riled up, I tend to overeat, eat unhealthy things, cook less, read less, exercise less as well as develop a negative attitude about work. My empathy levels suffer.

I am in that calming down mode presently and am just starting to feel unrushed again. It is a great feeling.


  1. I can identify with the overeating unhealthy actions. Sometimes stepping back and taking a breath helps..

  2. I find that the busier I get, the more often I need to remind myself to just settle down.