Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Done Tweaking

I've reached the enough point on my mortgage spreadsheet. Yes, I can tweak things here and there still but I've had enough. If I just allow myself to follow it through, it predicts a good result.

I feel that I've put in 90% overall effort -- 10% over where I would have optimized the 80% effort rule and dangerously close to overdoing it with the remaining 10%. So I am going to stop right here!

The Bank of Canada was announced this morning and they are holding there place, so there will be no change in our mortgage rates.

I've been reading a number of different peoples' views about gradual recovery in the next 2 years which may mean an increase in our prime lending rates again.

I realize that no one really knows for sure but I will be monitoring recovery signs like a hawk now that I am back in this mortgage game again.


  1. The sooner you pay it off, the sooner you can start to ignore interest rates! Good luck.

  2. Now that I am back in the "game", I cannot wait til it's over! Good luck to you too!