Saturday, July 18, 2009

End of Week Thoughts

I have a few Fridays off before a I get a full week's worth of vacation at the end of the summer and another week in October. Right now, I'm thinking that they are a long ways away.

Seeing others take their vacations now is creating this longing for me to join in too -- not necessarily with them but along side them.

Earlier this week I had a light bulb moment for a change. I'm considering taking my Fridays off for July and August next summer. That way, I can get a taste of a shorter work week in preparation for the year it becomes permanent. Total working days are a couple of days shorter with this new plan but manageable.

On the debt repayment front, we took a brave step yesterday and increased the mortgage payment amount, enough to knock a year off the amortization of the house and almost 2 years off the ski condo.

I had been hesitant to use this strategy for a long time because once payments increase, they cannot be lowered. So, if interest rates go up, so do our payments. Due to our new commitment to a shorter debt timeline, we are taking the risk that interest rates will not rise significantly in the next few year.

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