Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm going to attempting a couple of things today with my Visa company -- actually with an insurance company of my Visa company -- to talk about submitting a claim for something I purchased 1 1/2 yrs ago.

The item had a 1 year warranty and my Visa has a benefit that is supposed to extend the life of that warranty by another year. We'll see what the process is going to be like! Anyone have any experience with this?

The other issue with Visa or perhaps it will end up being with the airline, is a Travel Interruption claim for when it took me 16 hrs to get to Vancouver over Christmas and my luggage took 5 days to get to me whereby I had to buy a couple of articles of clothing to get me through. Again, don't know anything about if I would be eligible for anything but am going to ask anyway.

Decided that I'm not going to bother with selling my silver. After going through my inventory, there are more pieces I would still like to wear so until that changes, it won't be worth it for now. However, the gold rings will still be the right buyer!

Back in the fall, I ordered some new blinds for the cottage from Sears. Since then, I seem to be receiving catalogue after catalogue in the mail. What a waste of paper. They will be receiving a call today too.

The real estate market in Newfoundland is pretty hot. 3 of the 5 houses I've been keeping an eye on have sold! I was hoping to make appointments for viewing during my next trip out. I'm a bit disappointed but I may not have ended up liking them...that's what I'm telling myself!

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