Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pays to Keep Searching

We are on a bit of roll with selling stuff. D sold a couple more things yesterday and I bit the bullet and took some old jewellery I don't wear anymore to sell as scrap gold. Things like old hoop and stud earrings, bracelets, pendants etc.

In total, largely due to the high price of gold right now, I netted $770. Not bad for 15 minutes of work. I would highly recommend anyone who has unwanted gold to give it a try! Next stop, silver and diamond rings.

I've decided to keep my camera for now. It is rated really well online and is still worth a bit of money. Once I got reading about it, I got excited about photography again and am considering reviving an old hobby.

My neighbour across the street had his roof replaced this past week. It look like he used a reputable company. It also brought back a slew of memories of the last time we needed a roof repair.

After calling 7 roofers, only 2 got back to me. One told me it wasn't the roof and that we needed new eavestroughs. The other one didn't even climb onto the roof (it is really high and steep but they are roofers, right?!), just measured and gave us a quote for $15000. Not impressed. Our roof was 8 years old...

Finally, I called a roofer I had worked with previously at my last house, who was out of town. His dad had retired but he had taken over the business and I remembered him. He came all the way out, did some detective work, found the leak and fixed it for $400. The rest of the roof was fine.

He said that a lot of roofers don't like fixing roofs. They prefer to do entire roofs. I can understand that from an economical stand point but I feel that if they did a good job, I would use them for the entire roof. Isn't business about building relationships?

While my roofer was here, I asked him to give me an estimate for a whole roof replacement as an FYI. It was reasonable and he will get the job when the time comes. It pays to keep searching with respect to roofing options!


  1. Roofers dont like to fix roof leakage.. M reading for the very first time and surprised.. anyway your decision is really nice and correct after getting this type of suggestion.

  2. Thanks Liquid Roof, for you comments!