Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Are There!

Daisy, over at Frugal Freedom wrote a post a while ago where she realized that her cashable savings was enough to pay off her mortgage entirely. Whether she goes that route is irrelevant. It was the concept of it that had got me thinking since.

When I tallied my cashable assets, I was short. Partly because our cash position wasn't very strong and partly because the markets "took" 50% of it on paper. Now that things seem to be on the incline, when I was updating my NetWorth IQ entry yesterday, I realized we had made it too.

That was a great feeling even though we have no intentions of selling off our stocks etc. but it is nice to know that we had it to sell, should we wish. It is a psychological freedom of sorts. Thanks Daizy, for giving me that idea in the first place!

D has made a couple more sales. The cash is going to supplement our spending money for our next trip.

We've had a couple of small kitchen appliances die on us lately. Our rice cooker and slow cooker. After some thought, we decided to give cooking rice over the stove a go. It has been fine and we haven't bothered to replace it. The old us would have gone shopping for one right away.

As for the slow cooker, D made an executive decision to get another one because he felt the benefits we derive from it far out weights the cost. We were unsuccessful at finding one used and ended up getting one on sale instead. Now D can continue making his famous BBQ pulled pork!


  1. You are welcome. It is fun to think about even though we won't do it. :)