Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monthly Round Up

Month end time again. I beat my target for May and will end up $732.65 ahead than budgeted for. Nice to get a bonus. It will be used to top up the car working account to make up for the recent brake line replacement.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased at how my investments are coming back to life. I'm still behind with respect to the paper value but not as much as I was. To get back to breaking even,
  • my retirement account has 18% to go
  • my non registered account has 3.5% to go

The market drop has made me aware of the importance of a stronger cash position. We have taken steps to create that this year.

My new tax free saving account is doing well. I opted to invest in an index fund and it is currently yielding just over 9%.

Yesterday was the first day I actually thought about eating out. In the end we didn't. Funny what a year can do to change a way of life.

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