Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun Times with Selling Stuff

I have to admit that I never thought I would find selling stuff so enjoyable. To be honest, for some reason I felt guilty about it. I'm good with the concept of trading in a car for another one at a dealer (I have yet to do so though...) but other than that, I tend to prefer giving things away.

I feel that because I make a decent income, I "should not" want more than that. The concept made me feel like I was not being generous.

Perhaps it is a cultural thing. My family didn't believe in garage sales and didn't understand the concept of sifting through other peoples' cast offs. They also lumped antiques under the same idea. So I feel I've been unduly influenced by that.

One of D and I's favorite pastimes is visiting various antique markets and stores. We like seeing design and history in the pieces.

My absolute love is with French antiques. We have a side board (Louis XIV), wardrobe and a roll top bookcase all from France. Two of them are made of walnut with one done with a beautiful inlay pattern. They are not for sale!

Today's Bank of Canada rate announcement is a good one. They are maintaining the current lowered lending rate. Our mortgage stays as it.

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