Friday, May 22, 2009

Yeah, Weekend!

We are heading up to the cottage for the weekend. This will also be the first time this season we get to see some movies at the local Drive-In theatre.

I had never been to a Drive-In ever until the cottage came into my life. Man, is it ever fun! Now, I especially look forward to the long weekends where they show 4 movies and we don't come home until 4am! D isn't too keen on those. I just call him an old man! : )

Needless to say, the food there is pretty great. And I buy pretty much everything -- onion rings, fries, hot dogs, popcorn etc. I tend to do the same thing at baseball games, hockey games etc. I think food is part of the experience.

It also guarantees I work out furiously over the next week to get rid of the excess calories!

I have to admit that I am typing this from our desktop computer. I haven't made the transition to D's laptop yet -- intend to figure out my new schedule for next week. I don't make changes as quickly as I would like sometimes!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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