Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life Continues

We got our first 2 string beans harvest already. I am beginning to think that we didn't plant enough plants because that won't be enough for a meal.

Maybe once everything gets going, it will make a difference! All the plants have gone through a bit of shock being transferred outside. I do expect them to bounce back soon.

Meanwhile, I've been investigating some sites that have charts showing the energy usage of household things ie. appliances, computers, treadmills etc.

Was I ever shocked to find that my treadmill uses around the same amount of energy as a dryer!

And our desktop computer uses 4 times the amount of an average laptop and computer speakers drain quite a bit as well!

I took my laptop out west and left it at the ski condo so that I could use it there and I am currently on our desktop. I'm thinking that the laptop is coming home with me.

Other options would be to use D's laptop which would mean changing when I blog, do banking etc. A relatively small issue compared to the power savings.

I would encourage everyone to look at their local power utility website as a starting point to get more info about this. We cannot change when we don't have adequate info.

D's car brake lines were replaced yesterday to the tune of around $833. His friend, after being told about D's previous experience buying a car from a neighbour did not seem phased at all.

The next step will happen next Monday when D's friend will be taking the car to his mechanic for an opinion.


  1. Desktop computers are a big power hog. Last year, some executive at my company had this idea that we should replace all employee laptops with desktops to save a few hundred dollars on each machine. However, a quick "back-of-the-envelope" calculation will tell you that you will lose all those savings due to increased electricity usage over 3 or 4 years.

  2. Hi S.B.

    I honestly didn't know that about desktops. I've had laptops for the past 15 years.

    Since D requires his desktop for certain things, I doubt we will be getting rid of it but at least now, we will be aware of our usage.

  3. Why do you run on a treadmill? Why not run outside? I don't run on the treadmill because it makes me feel like a hamster and time seems to go by much slower than outside.

  4. Hi Money Minder!

    I am one of those crazy people that actually like running on a treadmill. I can do it without thinking of running. It's meditative for me! Crazy, I know! I've trained for 2 - 10 km races on it. D, on the other hand, feels the same as you.