Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun Times

First day back to work went well. I seem to need time away in order to appreciate what I have. My patience level was great and I didn't feel rushed. I was still rolling along at a comfortable pace.

It allowed me to gage whether my software booking program was doing a good job because I like the way things worked yesterday and would like it to continue as my regular working speed.

The actual amount I made over my May take home estimate was $789.48. I've started a new savings account called "Extra" and have put it in there. It will likely be put towards our next Nfld trip.

On the subject of extras, we just purchased tickets to see a rock concert -- Depeche Mode! They are playing near my town but we decided to travel and see them at a venue and city that would be more fun.

Going to see them have been on my "list of things I would love to do when the opportunity is right" for a long time, since high school, to be exact. They played on the night of my high school formal and I so wanted to be there (it was their Violator tour). And now I finally get to go.

The funny thing is, they have been on tour many times since then and I did not make a move until now. Why? If I love them so much? Because I have been living a pretty one track mind for the last 10 years. Putting off things until... no more!

It's amazing how many "little" things can bring such joy that can enhance life along the way, rather than be put off until some magical period in time, somewhere in the future! I feel like a teenager again!


  1. I have heard good reviews about their tour. Should be a good time! Have fun!

  2. Thanks Money Minder! I am really, really looking forward to it!